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Myta Chair

material explorations for innovative solutions
material explorations with mycelium

This project is a summer collaboration between former Bauhaus students: Joy-Fabienne Lösl, Philipp Enzmann, Katharina Bartholomäus and Anja Zachau (2021).


'Mytachair' is a composition of traditional wood craftsmanship and  the innovative use of mycelium.

Mycelium is the branching underground structure of mushrooms. It grows as tiny threads that form vast networks under the forest floor. The fine fibers grow extremely strong so that the mycelium network can function as glue, offering the opportunity to use it as a building material.

An oak wood construction gives the chair its integral strength, while the backrest consists of mycelium, which is grown into an organic shape comfortable to the user. The clear lines used for the construction balance the organic shape of the mycelium.

As a first step, the shapes are designed and digitized and further optimized to accommodate the user's maximum comfort. An analog mold-making procedure then controls the mycelium's growth into the desired shape. The use of a self growing material opened up the exploration of new forms. 
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