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Future of common living

material explorations for innovative solutions
Social strategy for KAB's non profit multi-generational community housing project.

Image: KAB

This project is a collaboration with Rikke Friis, Tom Buckland, Junyi Cai, Maria Duda and Anja Zachau for KAB. (2021, Copenhagen Business School & Royal Danish Academy)


The non-profit housing sector is unique in Scandinavia. The intention behind it is to provide a home for everyone regardless of their income or social status. In Denmark, non-profit housing plays a significant role in the welfare system and around 1 million Danes live in non-profit housing (KAB, n.d.). "Generationernes Træhus" is a multi-generational community housing project - focusing on the use of the common space.

”How do we encourage a diverse group of residents to make use and benefit from the provided common space?"

As a cross-disciplinary team of students from Copenhagen Business School and the Royal Danish Academy, we took the role of external consultants to propose a strategy.

To respond to the challenge, we are introducing NabosKAB (*neighbourliness). It is a tool with 3 consistent key values; flexibility, democracy and incremental. NabosKAB is a strategic toolbox presented in a physical book with guidelines and suggestions, including an organizational analysis, a persona catalogue, a visual identity, a site mapping and organizational tools to engage a community.

extracts from the book of recommendations for the client KAB.
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