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Nuances of female pleasure

Empowering women to explore their pleasure.

In my thesis project "Nuances of female pleasure" I used design to work on a taboo topic, creating a set of tools to help women of all ages explore their sexuality and learn about their individual pleasure. My project creates awareness for female needs, eases communication on the topic, gives basic information and offers objects for a playful exploration.

A set of three objects for internal and external stimulation help to playfully explore the body.

The  magazine educates about female anatomy, sexual health and stimulation techniques.


Furthermore, it contains a mirror which allows the user to look at herself from different perspectives to explore her body visually.

The magazine was created in collaboration with Lena Karoline Weber.

In four phases of model making I created over 80 models, which I used to set my parameters and design principles. Proportion, material, shape, functionality, scale and aesthetic were tested.
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