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Made of Rock

material explorations for innovative solutions
material explorations with basalt for innovative wearables

Student project in collaboration with Jakob Kukula at Bauhaus University in 2017.

15% of our earth crust is covered with basalt stone, which can be heated, melted and further fabricated into a variety of fiber based materials. Apart from its cheap price in retail it is UV protective, has a high alkali and acid resistance, is non flammable and maintains integrity at temperatures up to 600°C.

​Focusing on its extreme heat resistance we decided to make use of the thermal features to create a concept around heat protective clothing.

Our research took us to the Saxon Textile Research Institute to gain a deep understanding of the material. In order to present the features of basalt at their best, we designed two heat-protective wearables, using basalt fabric: A heat-resistant protection glove and a fire-resistant jacket, showcasing the material’s potential. Both work with three layers: basalt, isnsulation, and a lining fabric to reach maximum user comfort.

It is a deliberate decision and of high importance to our concept to work with a natural material that has nearly unlimited resources.

experiment driven process
using basalt fibers as concrete reinforcement and biodegradable resin to achieve filigree, yet stable shapes

UPS analysis comparing glass-, basalt- and carbon fiber.

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